2 month

Dear readers , 

I'm want to apologise cause have 1 year I don't open this blog , hm so sadness right ... I'm sorry cause 
I always busy to study yeah this year I'm in form 4 , em I want to focus in study , so this day I want to share something did'nt you know about that , wait wait wait for the readers who is school student , have 2 month we had started in new life , that right ? em I want to tell you did you have resolutions in this year ? em my resolutions this year I don't want to be lazy anymore , pray 5 times , focus in study .. In Sya Allah I will try it :)

New paragraph haha like essays , to the form 4 student this year must be focus cause next year we in form 5 right haha . By the way the subject is increasingly difficult like core subjects had 6 elective subjects like Ekonomi Asas , Prinsp Akaun , Addmath , tasawuff , physics , chemist , biology , seni and etc > This elective subject have certain class follow the school . So , which class are you ? I'm in 4 Dedikasi that i will take 6 core subject , elective subject - Addmath , Ekonomi Asas , Prinsip Akaun . Wow ! you take addmath ? haha yes I am ! that subject is too diffucult you know that right ? em yeah that subject diffucult if we don't focus in class . Now I'm in chapter 2 haha who takes addmath he/she know it .

Next paragraph look that ! never bored when studies if that subject is too difficult , try and try untill you get what the problems ... last month I'm giveup of everything cause my heart says "too lazy to studies it so bored " then my mom and dad give me some advice I'm bounce back . Now I'm so happy cause I can continues learning . So let continues learning until the end . I hope you we'll successful in this world and the hereafter . 

Last paragraph so I want to say don't give up ok ? And I want to stop writing at this last paragraph . "Life must go on even have a problem or a big problem " So I want to tell thanks for read my post even my english is so bad , I just want to trying to speak and writing untill perfect . If have a mistakes comment ok? By the way follow me and I will follow you back , If you wanna tells something just comment or tell me at cbox ok ? Hopefully triumphant and brilliant .

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